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Acacia Fabric: $2,099.00
Natural Cow Leather: $4,199.00
Acacia Fabric: $3,499.00
Natural Cow Leather: $6,499.00

Comfortable and standard appearance is Fantastic's strengths. Its design can easily match any setting and provides ample sitting space without appearing immense.


With its original armrest shapes, the sofa model reflects simple elegance. 

Comfort-wise, Fantastic is probably the best deal. Equipped with a feather-filled back pillow and a combination of high-density foam with down feathers for the seat cushion ensures the right balance of firmness. Additionally, this blend is easier to maintain as it takes back its shape by itself (compared to a fully down feather).

Finally, the advantage of this model is the arm/backrest along the 'L' side of the sectional version, allowing more guests to sit comfortably.


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Two layouts options to satisfy everyone 

Fantastic 3 Seater

Coming with two open fibre filled side cushions (40 x 40 cm).

Fantastic 3s.jpg

Fantastic L-Shape

Coming with two open fibre filled side cushions (40 x 40 cm).

fantastic l shape.jpg

Cover Material and Type

Acacia Fabric is resistant to liquid-stained and fire retardants and doesn't release chemicals even under direct sun exposition. The base cover is not removable but easy to maintain. Any stain can be easily washed with a damped cloth.
Seven collections of fabric textures are available.

Filling and Firmness

Down feather-filled back pillow to maximize your comfort by enveloping your body and giving you a sinking sensation. The high-density foam combined with a down feather seat provides the right balance of soft and firm. It also eases the maintenance of the sofa and extends the duration of the cushions.


Solid Kapur wood frame and 3.6mm zig-zag spring for sofa suspension, ensuring extra comfort and resilience.

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