Set your end of year's dining table

Tips and pieces of advice to host smooth and joyful dinners

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Here we are, it's already the last month of the year, can you believe it?!
December is about family dinners and friends gatherings, the time of the year when you reunite your favourite people around your dining table.
Here are a few tips and pieces of advice to set the perfect table to a smooth and joyful evening.

As much as we enjoy these warm moments with our squad, the preparation can be quite tedious and the cleaning after the party is definitely less fun. At Stitch & Kit, we are dedicated to make these tasks less of a struggle to avoid any pre/post party anxieties.

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Setting your table
Go simple (aka minimalist), it is always the best choice. Specially if you are planning to have several dinner, do not ruin yourself on fancy props or accessories that you will use only once a year (or only once at all). Additionally, a cluttered table is not practical nor convenient.
Use your everyday silverware and glasses, find some original way to fold the cloth napkins, maybe add a few garlands to add a Christmas atmosphere and you are good to go!


After the fun
We might not be able to make this part 'fun', but it doesn't have to be so bad, the easier and faster it is, the less time is dedicated on this 'less fun' task correct?
As you went for a minimalist dining setting, there is definitely less mess to tidy in the first place. If some food or drinks spilled happened, it is now a different story. If you own a wooden table top, it would be best to clean any incident at the moment it happens to avoid any stain or reaction from the material.
However, if you have a similar grade of stone table top to our Quartz, you know that there is less stress when it comes to unexpected misadventures.
Indeed, any spill or scratches can be easily removed with a wet cloth. Additionally, our Quartz is certified for food safety as it is microbial resistant and prevent mold growth.

Our Quartz Marble/Classic Serie Dining Table
- Scratchproof
- Certified by NSF for food safety
- Certified by GreenGuard to be free of volatile organic compounds
- Microbial resistant
- Prevent mold growth
- Environmentally friendly
- 15 years warranty

We hope that it was useful, all of us at Stitch & Kit are wishing you
a great December and Happy Holidays!

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