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160 x 80cm
Classic Serie 
Marble Serie

Simplicity, the one word to define Delta. Simple, straight matte black dining legs, topped with a natural stone, reflecting a raw luxury.

The simple but elegant design is the strength of Stitch & Kit's dining table line.

The dining tables legs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also appropriate for Singapore's humid weather. Indeed, the powder coated metal legs are protected against moist, hence prevented to rust.

A choice of two ranks of Quartz are available, the two collections differ in design but both reflects our best Quartz quality.

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One model of legs,
two collections of Quartz 

Modern dining table legs

Curved, refined and matte black for a modern look.

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Quartz Classic Serie

A choice of three hues are available from white to dark grey.


Quartz Marble Serie

Our premium rank of quartz resembles marble pattern


Table top material

Quartz, natural stone sourced from Vietnam.
Scratch and stain resistant.

Certified as safe for air and food.

15 years warranty.

Legs material

Powder coated metal to protect the legs from rusting or getting moist with the humidity.