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The smart choice |  Benefits of the Acacia fabric 
Description of the Acacia fabric, the properties and benefits, Suitable for family with children, the fabric is stain resistant, easy to maintain and wash and the colours dont fade after being exposed to the sun.
Acacia - Liquid Stainless Fabric

3x stronger than a regular fabric

Safety (fire retardancy)

Colour lasting

No harmful chemicals

Easy to clean and maintain

Choose Acacia fabric for your children and the environment!

As much as it is stain resistant and easy to clean, its colour doesn't fade when it is exposed to the sun,

which means that no chemicals are released, leaving your environment safe.




Do you prioritise softness?
Most people agree that a down feather filling is more comfortable.

If you are still not sure, come down to our showroom and try the next level of comfort for yourself.

Upgrade to down feather 

and save up to S$1,200!

Buy your sofa before the the 20th of October and get a FREE gift and S$200 off your next purchase!


Modern Luxury Home Furnishing
Most of our pieces of furniture can be customised to fit your measurements and taste in material and colour, contact us for more info!
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