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Stitch & Kit is a local company specializing in modern sofas and dining tables that offer a range of collections made to amaze. The pieces of modern furniture celebrate the possibilities of exquisite design- distinctive, sophisticated, comfortable, high quality, and affordable.


At Stitch & Kit, we believe in the perfect piece of furniture that will complete your living or dining setting. Each space has its requirements for the furnishing that will fill it. Whether it is about the size, texture, or colors, we are devoted to helping you find the piece that fits!



The company was established in 2018 by the founders of an interior design institution, DISTINCTidENTITY, set as a solution for their in-house designers. Indeed, many consultants were facing the issue of sourcing quality home items at a reasonable cost that would also match their customers' styles.



Taste is personal, and every home is unique. Hence, we offer various styles, sizes, comfort levels, and materials.

Browse our models online and book a viewing slot to confirm your selection with the help of our assistant.

View the step-by-step process here.


We are devoted to crafting the highest quality furniture from the initial sourcing to the last stitch. We carefully consider the details and inspect the materials ensuring all processes are respectful to the environment and health.

Find more about our products' quality and policies here.

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